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Beach Vibes

Thought I'd share some insight on this weeks instagram posts on my profile:

To start this week off, I posted this photo.

piercegainey dronedude

So, a little insight on this shot. Was hanging at the beach with @isabellecrevier and decided to fly the drone around a little while we were hanging out. Managed to capture some nice spots while the weather was pretty great but those will be shared later. For now, you get this shot :)


The next shot I posted this week on my instagram was of two stingrays cruising around. This was from a time in Bimini, Bahamas and one specific location there. This place is called Honeymoon Cay and this is where a ton of sea creatures can be found.

piercegainey dronedude stingrays swimming

Here you can see below some other images I have taken from this location. It truly is a spectacle to see so if you ever get the chance to go, GO!


My last post is on the beach and for some reason this photo isn't anything crazy happening or cool sea creatures roaming around but this one was just so calm and serene...

The beach was empty, the water was beautiful and the shrubbery was green! It was so perfect. @isabellecrevier and I had the beach to ourselves and it was nothing short of perfection!

Here are two more photos that show the beauty of the ocean!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!



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