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Single & Ready to Mingle

Well I hope that caught your attention! I actually am not single and ready to mingle but this Stingray sure is!

This was from my time in the Bahamas. After a long day of diving and spearing, we made it to our final spot (Honeymoon Cay) where the sea creatures come out to play!

This is Honeymoon Cay and is a pretty active spot when it comes to people and sea creatures. This is a well known spot where lots of people come to hang and feed and get close to the stingrays, sharks and many fish.

Most of the creatures that are here are normally dangerous but because of human interaction, they are quite calm and very used to human contact. The stingrays will come right up to you and will even bump in to you.

It is a little intimidating at first when you see a group of stingrays and sharks coming at you but in reality they are just curious and want to see if you have any food for them.

I would definitely recommend this place as its very cool and the water is always crystal clear.

Here you can see David Welch chilling with these big stingrays. They are gentle giants when they are used to human contact but don't be fooled... they are still very lethal!

I cant wait for the next trip where we will be able to hit this spot again and check out some more of the wild life here.

Check out some more photos from the trip below! Comment what sea creatures you want to swim with! Thanks for reading and following along!



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